Touchless Key holder UMIGAME(”抗菌”タッチレスキーホルダー・ウミガメ)

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Touchless Key holder UMIGAME(”抗菌”タッチレスキーホルダー・ウミガメ)

キーリングを通せる直径3mmの穴を開けています。レーザー刻印は夢という漢字とGTとTUNAの釣り人に喜ばれるイラスト。反対側にはWe overcome COVID-19.(我々はコロナウィルスに打ち勝つ)という強いメッセージを入れました。




ドア 取っ手





小売価格 : ¥1,500(税別)
JAN CODE : 4580405084684
素材 : 真鍮
リング内径 : 約22mm
全長 : 約78mm
幅 : 約59mm
厚み : 約4mm




We will inform you of the arrival status of new products from mid to late June.

Touchless Key holder “UMIGAME”

It is a touchless key holder that can press elevator button or intercom, hook the thick door handle and turn a lever handle, instead of touching by your finger. It can also carry the bag from the supermarket without touching it. It is the most suitable item to reduce risks of virus infection. It was machined from brass plate and polished carefully. Brass includes copper and the copper has antibacterial action which is effectively deactivate virus by copper ion.
The handle is designed as forelegs of sea turtle and the bone-hook shape is popular as accessories. Putting your middle finger through the ring with support of index finger and ring finger on the forelegs’ part will work. Sea turtle has been known as sacred creatures from long time ago and treasured as “guardian of the sea”, gods’ familiar that protects you and gives you happiness. Also bone hooks are known as spiritual charms that catch happiness.
There is 3mm dia of hole for putting a key ring. There are laser engravings of “夢” (dream), “GT” and drawing of GT and tuna. The flipped side has encouraging message “We overcome COVID-19”.

* No plating on surface in order not to decrease the effect of antibacterial action by copper ion. There is a possibility of discoloring depending on situation of use.
* The maintenance of brass can be done by vinegar (citric acid) with 5minutes soaking, and then rinse by water, wipe by dried cloth. It will return to be shining.
* The gloss will also be back by polishing with liquid in 2:1 ratio of bicarbonate soda : water, rinse by water and wipe.

Retail Price in Japan: JPY1,500-(Excl. Tax)
Material: Brass
Ring inner dia: approx. 22mm
Length: approx. 78mm
Width: approx. 59mm
Thickness: approx. 4mm

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