Conker コンカー


Make them bite with slow jerking and long falling! Next generation Slow Jig makes a wobbling action like a broadleaf!

Conker コンカー

Conker コンカー

またラインプレッシャーの多いディープレンジや潮流の緩いタフコンディションでのパフォーマンスは秀逸です。状況を判断し入射角度を計算しフォールさせればオートマティックにバイトに持ち込めるフォールアクション設計。 ジャークにおいて幅広設計の「コンカー」は滞空時間が長く、捕食の下手なターゲットにも有効。ディープレンジでも勝負強さを発揮。エキスパートが自在に操ることが出来る超進化系メタルジグ「コンカー」。

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The concept is the movement of broadleaves such as Japanese horse chestnut (Aesculus turbinata) and elm tree. CONKER makes very refined wobbling actions and gives flashing effects. It offers various actions while falling depending on the entry angle to the sea, which are clearly different compared with the existing Long-Fall Jigs. If the entry angle to the sea is narrow, CONKER performs back-slide falling actions. Similarly, if the angle is deep and horizontal, the jig performs forward-reverse falling action like a cradle and vibrate falling action, respectively. The flashing effects by every falling action are very high.
Also the performance of CONKER in deep range jigging with high line pressure and under tough condition in slow tide is excellent. By changing the entry angle to the sea depending on the conditions, the jig is able to make a lot of bites automatically. The jig is also effective for poor-preying fish because it is able to hold a long-stay position while jerking due to its wide body. CONKER also shows its ability in deep range. This is a super evolutional metal jig which enables expert anglers to handle at will.

● 120g ¥1,450(税抜)
● 150g ¥1,650(税抜)
● 180g ¥1,850(税抜)

● 120g,
Retail price in Japan:
Regular color ¥1,450 (Excl. Tax),
UV RGB Abalone ¥1,900 (Excl. Tax)
● 150g,
Retail price in Japan:
Regular color ¥1,650 (Excl. Tax),
UV RGB Abalone ¥2,100 (Excl. Tax)
● 180g,
Retail price in Japan:
Regular color ¥1,850 (Excl. Tax),
UV RGB Abalone ¥2,300 (Excl. Tax)

Color Chart

Conker コンカー ウォーターホロ シルバー

1. ウォーターホロ シルバー

Conker コンカー ウォーターホロ ピンク

2. ウォーターホロ ピンク

Conker コンカー ウォーターホロ マイワシ

3. ウォーターホロ マイワシ

Conker コンカー ウォーターホロ アカキン

4. ウォーターホロ アカキン
WH.Red / Gold

Conker コンカー ウォーターホロ マアジ

5. ウォーターホロ マアジ
WH.Horse mackerel

Conker コンカー ウォーターホロ グローゼブラ

6. ウォーターホロ / グローゼブラ
WH.Glow / Zebra

Conker コンカー UV R.G.B. アワビブラック

7. UV R.G.B. アワビブラック
UV R.G.B. / Abalone Black

Conker コンカー UV R.G.B. アワビナチュラル

8. UV R.G.B. アワビナチュラル
UV R.G.B. / Abalone Natural

Conker コンカー UV R.G.B. アワビゼブラ

9. UV R.G.B. アワビゼブラ
UV R.G.B. / Abalone Zebra

WH=Water hologram
UV R.G.B.=Ultraviolet Red Green Blue
※ カラーは予告なく変更されることがございます。

※The color is subject to change without notice.


UV R.G.B. Conker コンカー 通常時

(Color Chart 7.8.9.)

UV R.G.B. Conker コンカー ブラックライト照射時

(Color Chart 7.8.9.)



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Tune-up to Zebra pattern with Abalone sheets painted with UV red, UV green and UV blue”

UV R.G.B. colors of CONKER are painted like abalone zebra pattern with UV glow paint and the paint is effective for nervous fishes at offshore and crowded trout pond. We usually discriminate colors under visible rays, but it is thought that many fishes are also able to discriminate ultraviolet rays (invisible rays). Visible rays are absorbed in water and get darker as it deepens, but ultraviolet rays reach deeper than visible rays. So it is thought that a jig painted with UV glow can also be easily found by fishes at deep area of the sea. Although our field tests have shown a big difference in the result, of course, it is not the same in all cases. HOT’S continue to pursue the further possibility of the UV glow paint.

Conker コンカー
Conker コンカー