Bigfin ビッグフィン


Evolved Inchiku Jig! After a number of tests, we managed to develop an ideal head part which is a unique boat-shaped with wings.

Bigfin ビッグフィン

Big Fin ビッグフィン


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What we wanted was a fast moving jig but the one with weight-balanced “non-spinning head” and the one makes the side movement of “wobbling action” only with reeling. After a number of tests, we managed to develop an ideal head part which is a unique boat-shaped with wings.
As well as the head part, we also tried to develop a Tako bait which makes desired actions like Inchiku-type fishing gears. The head part, which is slimmer than the existing products, prevents the misalignment of the Tako bait and it makes broader and smooth wobbling action by receiving the water current by the shoulder part. Since it has long slits and is made of soft material, it is pursed up when jerking and outspreads when stopped, like flares of a skirt. It is effective even when it is equipped on the other brands’ fishing gears.

● 80g ¥1,350(税抜)
UV.アワビチューン ¥1,950(税抜)
● 100g ¥1,450(税抜)
UV.アワビチューン ¥2,050(税抜)
● 120g ¥1,550(税抜)
UV.アワビチューン ¥2,150(税抜)
● 150g ¥1,700(税抜)
UV.アワビチューン ¥2,300(税抜)
● 180g ¥1,850(税抜)
UV.アワビチューン ¥2,450(税抜)

● BF自作用タコベイト 5本入 ¥400(税抜) ● BFスペアーリグ 2本入 ¥900(税抜)

● 80g
Retail price in Japan ¥1,350(Excl.Tax)
[UV/Abalone model] ¥1,950(Excl.Tax)
● 100g
Retail price in Japan ¥1,450(Excl.Tax)
[UV/Abalone model] ¥2,050(Excl.Tax)
● 120g
Retail price in Japan ¥1,550(Excl.Tax)
[UV/Abalone model] ¥2,150(Excl.Tax)
● 150g
Retail price in Japan ¥1,700(Excl.Tax)
[UV/Abalone model] ¥2,300(Excl.Tax)
● 180g
Retail price in Japan ¥1,850(Excl.Tax)
[UV/Abalone model] ¥2,450(Excl.Tax)

● BF TAKO BAIT (5pcs/Bag)
Retail price in Japan ¥400(Excl.Tax)
● BF SPARE RIG (2pcs/Bag)
Retail price in Japan ¥900(Excl.Tax)

Color Chart

Bigfin ビッグフィン ピンク

1. ピンク

Bigfin ビッグフィン シルバー

2. シルバー

Bigfin ビッグフィン ホロ ピンクゴールド

3. スモーク

Bigfin ビッグフィン ホロ グリーン

4. オレンジシルバー
Orange / Silver

Bigfin ビッグフィン ホロ グリーンゴールド

5. アカキン
Red / Gold

Bigfin ビッグフィン ホロ ブルー/ピンクライン

6. グリーンゴールド
Green / Gold

Bigfin ビッグフィン ホロ イワシ

7. イワシ

Bigfin ビッグフィン ホロ イワシゴールド / グロー

8. グロー

Bigfin ビッグフィン UV R.G.B.アワビブラック

9. UV R.G.B.アワビブラック
UV R.G.B. / Abalone Black

Bigfin ビッグフィン UV R.G.B.アワビナチュラル

10. UV R.G.B.アワビナチュラル
UV R.G.B. / Abalone Natural

Bigfin ビッグフィン UV R.G.B.アワビゼブラ

11. UV R.G.B.アワビゼブラ
UV R.G.B. / Abalone Zebra

UV R.G.B.=Ultraviolet Red Green Blue
※ カラーは予告なく変更されることがございます。

※The color is subject to change without notice.

BF spare rig & Tako bait Color Chart


1. グローピンク
Glow Pink


2. パールホワイト
Pearl White


3. スモーク


4. ライトブラウン
Light Brown


5. ダークブラウン
Dark Brown


6. ライトグリーン
Light Green


7. イワシ


8. スーパーグロー
Super Glow

※ カラーは予告なく変更されることがございます。

※The color is subject to change without notice.


Bigfin ビッグフィン

Skirt can be exchanged easily with a split ring.

Bigfin ビッグフィン

Wire is placed inside the head part and no bump both on the back and belly part of the head.


UV R.G.B. Bigfin ビッグフィン 通常時

(Color Chart 9.10.11.)

UV R.G.B. Bigfin ビッグフィン ブラックライト照射時

(Color Chart 9.10.11.)



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Tune-up to Zebra pattern with Abalone sheets painted with UV red, UV green and UV blue”

UV R.G.B. colors of CONKER are painted like abalone zebra pattern with UV glow paint and the paint is effective for nervous fishes at offshore and crowded trout pond. We usually discriminate colors under visible rays, but it is thought that many fishes are also able to discriminate ultraviolet rays (invisible rays). Visible rays are absorbed in water and get darker as it deepens, but ultraviolet rays reach deeper than visible rays. So it is thought that a jig painted with UV glow can also be easily found by fishes at deep area of the sea. Although our field tests have shown a big difference in the result, of course, it is not the same in all cases. HOT’S continue to pursue the further possibility of the UV glow paint.

Bigfin ビッグフィン
Bigfin ビッグフィン