SLOW STYLE SSV-X8 PEラインをモニター価格にて販売!

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弊社のPEライン SLOW STYLE SSV-X8 PEをモニター価格にて販売をします。小売価格の半額以下にて販売したいと思います。SNSやブログ、ホームページをお持ちの方は使用した感想などをインフォメーションしていただければ幸いです。


SSV-X8 PEライン・モニター価格
0.4号  8lb/3.6kg(Max)  300m 小売価格9,600円 モニター価格3,000円
1.0号 18lb/8.1kg(Max)  300m 小売価格6,200円 モニター価格3,000円
1.2号 22lb/9.9kg(Max)  300m 小売価格6,200円 モニター価格3,000円
1.5号 25lb/11.3kg(Max) 300m 小売価格6,000円 モニター価格3,000円
0.4号  8lb/3.6kg(Max)  600m 小売価格18,800円 モニター価格5,000円
1.0号 18lb/8.1kg(Max)  600m 小売価格12,000円 モニター価格5,000円
1.2号 22lb/9.9kg(Max)  600m 小売価格1,2000円 モニター価格5,000円
1.5号 25lb/11.3kg(Max) 600m 小売価格11,700円 モニター価格5,000円

中深海の感度の重要なスローピッチジャークから近海の青物やサーベリング、タイラバと多様なゲームフィッシングに対応できるSLOW STYLE SSV-X8 はルアーフィッシングを楽しむすべてのアングラーにお勧めです!

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At HOTS, limited colored PE Line “SLOW STYLE” SSV-X8 will be sold at a half retail price as a special price for field monitors.
We hope the persons, who buy the line at special price, to mention the using impression of the line on their SNS, blog, and website, as a field monitor.
The PE line “SLOW STYLE” (SSV-X8) have the following remarkable features.
The 8 braided line has an unprecedented and different-dimension PE with ultra-low elongation and ultra-high sensitivity.
While standard PE has an elongation of around 5%, SSV-X8 has between only 2.8 and 2.9%. The line has succeeded in reducing elongation by some 40%.
Momoi’s new technology has developed a special three-layer resin coated PE line under the supervision of HOTS coming from a lot of field tests.
SLOW STYLE SSV-X8 makes a high performance in a middle-deep sea fishing and a deep tai-rubber due to the features.
In addition, the feature of the line also makes a big advantages in the fishing using a thin line like a tip-run, tai-rubber, and light jigging at the shallow area.

[Special prices for the limited colored SSV-X8]
#0.4 8lb/3.6kg(Max)
300m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY 9,600- >>> Special price JPY3,000-
600m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY18,800- >>> Special price JPY5,000-
#1.0 18lb/8.1kg(Max)
300m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY 6,200- >>> Special price JPY3,000-
600m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY12,000- >>> Special price JPY5,000-
#1.2 22lb/9.9kg(Max)
300m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY 6,200- >>> Special price JPY3,000-
600m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY12,000- >>> Special price JPY5,000-
#1.5 25lb/11.3kg(Max)
300m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY 6,000- >>> Special price JPY3,000-
600m spool: Retail Price in Japan JPY11,700- >>> Special price JPY5,000-

*Limited one per each items per household.
*Prohibition of resale at internet auction.
*While supplies last.
By the way, mail order and overseas shipping is also available.
If you request to ship the above line overseas, please send us the following items and your requested goods among above lines
from the inquiry form on HOTS website.

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5)E-mail address
[Trading Terms] Advanced payment by bank transfer
[Price Terms] Ex warehouse in Japan
*The purchase condition follows the above “notice” items.
Please note that the bank charge and the postage add to the invoice.
The detailed information will be sent to the applicant by e-mail later.
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