GIPANGシリーズに満を持してBoil Shotが新登場!

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GIPANGシリーズに満を持してBoil Shotが新登場!
ツナハンター古谷 秀之 氏がこだわり抜いて監修。

自他共に認める日本屈指のツナハンターである古谷 秀之 氏。制作したサンプルロッドは数知れず。幾度ものテストを繰り返し、心血注いで開発したツナロッドが“ボイルショット”です。
夢を追いかけ実釣行テストを続ける中で見えてくるモノがある。強靭なリフトパワーを有しながら飛距離と操作性の優位を極めるゾーンがあること。飽くなきビッグチャレンジを続ける古谷 氏のプライドが凝縮したツナロッドを期待してほしい。
バット部は最新の四軸カーボンクロスで武装し、重量を増す事無く形状復元力の強度アップと捩じれ抑制を高次元で達成。今までのカーボンブランクより捩じれ強度が格段にアップしブランク性能を飛躍的に向上させました。ティップ側は軽さと強度を保つための1mmピッチのアンサンドフィニッシュ。軽量ブランクスならではの高い操作性は、ショートトウィッチや水中ダートアクション等のタフコンディションで有効な細かなテクニックも容易に行なえます。ビッグプラグの操作性、リフティングパワー、耐久性、 欠けてはならない要素が凝縮された強靭なトータルバランス性能を堪能してほしい。


Boil Shot 83XH
Length : 8.3feet Pieces : one(offset handle) Weight : 395g
LineWT : PE 8 Lure MAX : 150g Price : \58,000(税別)

Boil Shot 83H
Length : 8.3feet Pieces : one(offset handle) Weight : 370g
LineWT : PE 6 Lure MAX : 120g Price : \58,000(税別)




Brand new Tuna Casting rods “GIPANG BOIL SHOT” are released!!

The rods are developed for the conquest of the ocean king!
Tuna hunter Mr Hideyuki Furuya has supervised the rods with a plenty of his know-how.
These rods are the compilation of our work putting into a plenty of our experience and effort.

Mr. Hideyuki Furuya who is one of the best tuna anglers in Japan.
A lot of sample rods have been made under his supervising.
“BOIL SHOT” is the tuna rods developed with our whole experience and effort and doing many field tests.

We hope you can feel its advanced manoeuvrability and the casting ability despite of having the strong lifting power, which are found by a thorough examine by Mr.Furuya

In its butt part is composed Four direction set carbon cloth, it gives very high strength and very high torsional strength than the previous carbon cloth without increasing rod weight.
In its tip part, the Unsand finish having 1 millimeter pitch is adopted in order to keep the lightness and the strength.
The high manoeuvrability by the light weight blank allows easily to do a short twitching action and a diving darting action etc., which are effective methods under tough condition.

We hope you can also feel the excellent ability in the total balance of the rods, which is condensed the necessary elements such as a manoeuvrability of big plug, lifting power, and durability.

BOIL SHOT are designed for the casting game for yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna mainly.
Of course, the rods are very suitable for the casting game for GT and yellowtail amberjack.
Don’t miss it!!

[Boil Shot 83XH]
First Delivery: August 2021
Length : 8.3feet Pieces : one(offset handle)
LineWT : PE 8 Lure MAX : 150g Weight : 395g
Retail Price in Japan : JPY58,000(Excl. Tax)

Boil Shot 83XH is the strongest model in BOIL SHOT Series.
Its blank allows to lift up a big yellowfin tuna at over 50 kg easily.
A lightweight and powerful rod that does not make you feel the length.

[Boil Shot 83H]
First Delivery: October 2021
Length : 8.3feet Pieces : one(offset handle)
LineWT : PE 6 Lure MAX : 120g Weight : 370g
Retail Price in Japan : JPY58,000(Excl. Tax)

Boil Shot 83H is a standard model in BOIL SHOT Series.
This rod allows an excellent manoeuvrability for small plug under the condition of a little small bait fishes.
This rod is also suitable for the casting game of big yellowtail amberjack.

“Four-direction set carbon cloth” in the butt section

Unsanded finish in the tip part

GIPANG Boil Shot series are classified by the colors in their grips in order to distinguish each rod easily.
(83XH : Gold、83H : Silver)